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Frontend Designer and Developer for High-Quality Dashboards and Applications

Frontend Developer
Youpal Group
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February 9, 2024

ReactJS, Figma, MERN

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Full time


Frontend Designer and Developer for High-Quality Dashboards and Applications


We are seeking a skilled and experienced Frontend Designer and Developer with a proven track record in crafting top-notch dashboards, applications, and designs using Figma. The ideal candidate should possess expertise in creating responsive interfaces for desktop, tablet, and mobile views, demonstrating a strong proficiency in frontend application design.

Following the design phase, you will be responsible for translating these designs into functional frontends, primarily for node.js applications. We strongly prefer candidates with proficiency in frameworks such as React. Your frontend development skills should encompass responsiveness, thorough validation processes, and an emphasis on fast loading times.

To ensure effective collaboration, it is imperative that you have a demonstrated ability to work during UK business hours (9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday). Excellent communication skills, including video calls, screensharing, and adept project management, are essential for success in this role.

Please provide a select few relevant examples of your work, as we prioritize quality over quantity and will not review a library of random links.

If you meet these criteria and are ready to contribute your skills to a dynamic team, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Job Description
I’m looking for a good designer as partner to work together on projects, that wants to expand his knowledge into the UX/UI and product area to collaborate on medium size projects. We will start with 20 hours per week and we might extend to full time after 2-3 months. First project is on financial instruments with blockchain as backend technology.
On-site in United Arab Emirates
Have good communication skills and team working skill.
Know the principal of animation and you can create high quality prototypes.
Following design system guidelines
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