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Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer

Youpal Group
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Sweden - Remote
June 11, 2024

Business Development, Supply Chain, Organizational, Scrum, AWS, Ideal, Python, TDD, Data Analysis, Monitoring, Vision, Docker, DevOps, Typescript, Azure, Github, Automation, Golang, Rust, CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Terraform, Scrape, Data Lake, Warsaw, DevOps

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🔹 Our client is currently seeking a Lead SRE/DevOps Engineer.

This position is based in Warsaw, Poland but will allow for remote work in a global environment. It is important to note that core meetings or workshops may take place in the Danish or Polish office. The onboarding process will take place in Copenhagen for 2 weeks, with the expectation of traveling to Copenhagen twice a year and visiting Warsaw or Poland for 1-2 days a few times per year. The first day of work will also be in the Warsaw office, and the necessary technology (laptop and phone) will be provided.

✔️The Role:
Are you passionate about developing high-quality internal tools for our teams and business partners? Are you a strong advocate for SRE and DevOps principles? Do you enjoy collaborating with others and helping them in their professional development?
We are seeking a Senior SRE/DevOps engineer to join our team and help us create and maintain our internal tools and monitoring. Our focus is on creating innovative solutions and adding value to our organization.
As an SRE/DevOps engineer, you will play a crucial role in defining, implementing, and maintaining infrastructure and tools for our engineers.

  • Build and manage scalable, highly available, and secure cloud-native platforms/services.
  • Utilize your problem-solving skills to diagnose and solve complex issues.
  • Set up and improve logging, telemetry, and CI/CD processes for better observability.
  • Be responsible for our CI/CD processes on GitHub Actions and ADO, with a focus on efficiency, quality, and automation.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in code, security, and reliability for the products you support. This includes working with other teams to elevate our product standards.

Furthermore, you will:
Job Description
I’m looking for a good designer as partner to work together on projects, that wants to expand his knowledge into the UX/UI and product area to collaborate on medium size projects. We will start with 20 hours per week and we might extend to full time after 2-3 months. First project is on financial instruments with blockchain as backend technology.
On-site in United Arab Emirates
Have good communication skills and team working skill.
Know the principal of animation and you can create high quality prototypes.
Following design system guidelines
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