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Looking for a database expert for direct customer in sports, Sthlm / Hybrid, Swedish speaking, Oracle, Postgresql ?

Youpal Group
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Sweden - Remote
June 13, 2024

oracle, database, PostgreSQL, Swedish speaking, Sweden, Stockholm, Database developer, oracle, databasexpert

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Seeking database expert for client within sports, Stockholm / hybrid, Swedish speaking, Oracle, postgreSQL✅

Contact me by June 20 at the latest

Profile / tasks

Consolidate the three databases to one database in one common schema
· Consolidate the three databases to one database in different schemas
· Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL
· Implementing a common separate one-horse-one-person register instead of a full-fledged database consolidation
· Creating a canonical data model on top of existing databases
· Handling business logic - From Oracle to Node.js backend - Move all, some or none?
Considerations for different database and business logic alternatives:
· Resources, time and effort
· Improved technical conditions for future development
· Existing and potential APIs
· Ease of support & maintenance?
· License and S&M costs?
· Development of common elements for multiple countries and sports
· Streamlining cooperation and administrative processes, such as moving horses between countries for sports and training purposes
· Harmonization of necessary rules, regulations and procedures associated with the system
· Centralized common administration?
· NSS app frontend
· NSS app backend
· Other

The client is currently conducting an investigation, which has recently begun.

This relates to phase 2 of the new system, where we will be looking at:
Migrating 3 databases to 1 database
Moving logic from the database to the backend
If possible, switching from Oracle to PostgreSQL (or other)

If we follow the current timeline,
Job Description
I’m looking for a good designer as partner to work together on projects, that wants to expand his knowledge into the UX/UI and product area to collaborate on medium size projects. We will start with 20 hours per week and we might extend to full time after 2-3 months. First project is on financial instruments with blockchain as backend technology.
On-site in United Arab Emirates
Have good communication skills and team working skill.
Know the principal of animation and you can create high quality prototypes.
Following design system guidelines
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