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Product Designer (Senior)

Product Designer
Youpal Group
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United Arab Emirates
February 6, 2024

Product Design

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Are you a passionate UX/UI Senior Product Designer experienced in stakeholder management, driving projects forward, and embodying the aspects of a design thinker? Join our Middle Eastern client for an exciting opportunity to focus on creating exceptional user experiences (UX) while incorporating your strong design thinking skills.


  1. Set design requirements based on information from internal teams and user research, with a primary focus on delivering intuitive and seamless user experiences (UX).
  2. Identify and explore opportunities for improving existing products and developing new ones that address customer needs effectively.
  3. Stay updated on industry trends, bringing fresh insights to enhance the UX aspects of our products.
  4. Collaborate effectively with design team members to ensure consistent communication and UX continuity.
  5. Work with stakeholders and tackle the challenge of making them prioritize design, advocating for the importance of UX in the overall design strategy.
  6. Embody the aspects of a design thinker, approaching problems with creativity, empathy, and a user-centric mindset.
  7. Present and communicate product design ideas to cross-functional teams and senior leadership, using compelling arguments backed by data, and showcasing examples of impactful UX work.


  1. Proven expertise in all phases of the design process, with a strong emphasis on user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing to deliver outstanding UX.
  2. Demonstrated ability to intuitively understand and address customer needs, always keeping UX as the primary driver of design decisions.
  3. Meticulous attention to detail in UX to ensure top-notch design quality and seamless user interactions.
  4. Excellent collaboration skills, enabling effective teamwork with cross-functional members, and a keen understanding of how UX designers can work harmoniously.
  5. Proficiency in collecting and interpreting qualitative and quantitative feedback to drive informed design choices.
  6. A diverse portfolio showcasing examples of impactful UX work and thoughtfully designed UI elements.
  7. Creative problem-solving abilities, applying the principles of design thinking to overcome challenges and roadblocks.

Location: Onsite Dubai

Experience: 8+ years

Duration: 1 year with possible extension

Utilization: 40hrs/week

If you're a UX/UI Senior Product Designer ready to make a significant impact with your expertise in UX design, possess strong management skills, and embody the aspects of a design thinker, we encourage you to apply! Join us in shaping exceptional products that leave a lasting impression on our customers and the industry as a whole.

Job Description
I’m looking for a good designer as partner to work together on projects, that wants to expand his knowledge into the UX/UI and product area to collaborate on medium size projects. We will start with 20 hours per week and we might extend to full time after 2-3 months. First project is on financial instruments with blockchain as backend technology.
On-site in United Arab Emirates
Have good communication skills and team working skill.
Know the principal of animation and you can create high quality prototypes.
Following design system guidelines
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