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Testers with developer orientation

Youpal Group
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Sweden - Remote
June 7, 2024

Java, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Quarkus, Test Case, Javascript, Sundsvall, Tester

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Job Description

In this request, Digg is looking for a Tester with a focus on development to join their development team.

The client will provide an authorization system for services for electronic identification and digital mail. The purpose is to provide equal access to digital services for all providers of publicly funded activities.

Certain government agencies will be required to connect to and use services within the authorization system for electronic identification. This mandatory implementation means a standardized way for agencies to procure such services, helping to streamline processes and procedures within the public sector.

The client, as the providing authority, authorizes service providers for electronic identification and digital mail to enter agreements within the system and to enter agreements with respective service providers. Public actors can use these services in their activities if they have an agreement with the authority. Individuals, citizens, and businesses have the right to choose which provider will perform these services for them.

The authority will charge fees from public actors using the services provided through the authorization system. These fees will cover the costs of operating the authorization system and compensate the client for fees paid to service providers connected to the system.

The authority needs to develop solutions for calculating fees/compensations and issuing/incurring payments. In this request, they are looking for consultant support, in the form of a Tester with a focus on development, to work on this area. The assignment will be carried out in close dialogue with stakeholders, UX designers, testers, and other developers responsible for designing and developing software.

Interviews for consultants are scheduled for Thursday, June 27th.

Deadline for responses : 2024-06-05
Start-end date + option : No later than 2024-09-10 – 2025-09-09 + option: 6+6 months.
Location : Sundsvall. The work can be carried out remotely, but the consultant must be present at D
Job Description
I’m looking for a good designer as partner to work together on projects, that wants to expand his knowledge into the UX/UI and product area to collaborate on medium size projects. We will start with 20 hours per week and we might extend to full time after 2-3 months. First project is on financial instruments with blockchain as backend technology.
On-site in United Arab Emirates
Have good communication skills and team working skill.
Know the principal of animation and you can create high quality prototypes.
Following design system guidelines
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